A few words about us

About Us

Mikhulu Spatial Solutions extends gratitude and praise to the Greatness of our All Mighty God, who has been the anchor, leader and founder of our company since its formation, and we thank our clients for their on going support because without you, we wouldn’t be able to have come this far..

Mikhulu Spatial Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a 100% African Female entity, founded and managed by Mrs Lutho Sicwebu. The company was launched 2020 through a merge with a company by the name of C’za Developments (Pty) Ltd.

Mikhulu Spatial Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a multi-faceted company that focuses on various business initiatives which cover a broader network in the Built Environment market. These include, and are not limited to Project Management, Town Planning, Urban Planning, Land Surveying, Architectural Designs, Environmental Management amongst supporting professional services.

Mikhulu is dedicated to empowering and developing the youth. Our goal is to provide innovative programs and initiatives that equip young individuals with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to succeed. Through mentorship and community engagement, we strive to foster personal and professional growth, creating a positive impact in the lives of the next generation.

Our adaptability is embodied in our name, MIKHULU, a Xhosa term signifying GREAT. As we progress, our evolution will guide us toward rebranding as the 'Mikhulu Group of Companies,' a proud 100% Black Female-owned entity overseeing diverse built environment companies.

Our Vision

To be committed at providing uncompromised, professional and quality results in the best turn-around time. To employ best practices benefitting both our clients and employees which are also environment-friendly and sustainable, to be the leaders and trend setters in the field of Built Environment.


Mikhulu Spatial Solutions (Pty) Ltd is 100% Black female owned South African entity run by young people with vital cutting edge ideas. Our strengths are enshrined in our commitment to professionalism and our promise to provide professional work of the highest caliber. We are team workers and individuals who emphasize on collaboration and participation of stakeholders.

Our team members have individual skills and capabilities and credentials in areas of:

Strategic planning and management covering project based plans and designs, performance management processes and systems and change management;


A Visionary approach to management of the projects, processes and contracts;


Overall people and stakeholder management and focus that ensures that conflicts are minimized but acceptance of the project is increased;


Nurturing human capital through mentorship.



  • Excellence in Customer Service

  • Pioneering Technology

  • High Integrity Level

  • Social Responsibility